It’s an understatement to say that:  “Your security is our priority”, at we take customer privacy and security very seriously. For your protection, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your shopping cart and credit card information.  Your credit card information is passed through to the banking institution and not saved on our site except the information which is pertinent to order tracking, shipping and product.

How to find out that your connection is secure: When you log-in to our website will deposit IP based session cookies to guarantee that your checkout is safe and secure; this is accomplished by encrypting the data communicated between your PC and the shopping cart. Most browsers display visual indications such as Lock or Key symbol indicating that the session connection is encrypted and secure this process known as using SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, in addition to visuals, the URL will change to the following format once secure session is established.

As additional Cautionary advisory to our customers, when using wireless devices of any sort make sure to:

  1. To Not use (open) Public wireless access points (cybercafé, hotels, airports, train station etc..). to login or t access sensitive information.
  2. To Not use Public (open) wired access points (Libraries, Hotels  etc)
  3. If you must make sure the public access points are encrypted,
  4. Make sure to set your browser to Enable Session cookies  (to be safe, delete browsing history and cookies when you done browsing or emailing)
  5. Make sure your Home wireless device is encrypted and secure.
  6. Safeguard your login credentials and do not use predictable passwords.

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